My work evolves around the idea of perception of identity and its fragility. My process can be described as a speculative research that doesn’t intend to get specific answers but merely questions. Some of these questions are: What does it mean to be a human being? How does heritage and social norms interact with the human body and mind?
I focus this research not just on a collective level but also on an individual level. Through the research of my own identity, as I tried to break free from social boundaries, I collided with an unexpected prison: my own animal desires. I felt corrupted. I questioned: Is it always possible to trace any thoughts and actions connecting them to external sources like their culture and their genetics. Underlying my artistic work, there’s a process of research that goes back and forth between the sphere of values and morals and the sphere of instincts and urges. I represent the human figures but I exclude any context in an attempt to express the uncomfortable moment of confrontation with the emptiness of the self.
I am a constructer of society but simultaneously its victim.
I participate and criticize the system.
I battle trying to act normal, where in fact I am the normality. 
I live in an individualist world but so hungry for community. 
I often want new, and old… freedom, but security.
This reflections are often inconsistent paradoxical layers. I complement oil paintings through installation and photography, the multidisciplinary speech is essential to express the overlapping and contradicting values that coexist in human nature. I aim to call attention to the feeling of displacement and the crises of identity that the contemporary society is going through. Together - we will observe our own fragility and reflect upon it, realizing that the binary reality that we grew up in is not enough to represent the world. :)




September  2014 – June 2018: Bachelor degree in Painting – Fine Arts University of Lisbon

October 2020 — June 2021: Documentary Course (online) — Kino Doc, Lisbon


October to December 2020 - GlogauAiR, Berlin

Collective Exhibitions

June 2017, Centro Cultural de Cascais, Cascais

December 2016, Atelier da Travessa, Lisbon

O meu lugar
December 2015, Associação de Moradores da Portela, Loures

Open Studios

14 to 19 of December, 2020 - GlogauAiR, Berlin



November 2020, Understanding the Contemporary Art Scene: Communication & Public Relations for Artists - Valentina Galossi, BBK Berlin

November 2020, Online-Seminar: From the Idea to the Project Proposal - How to write a grant applica7on - Ece Paz, Kulturförderpunkt Berlin